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Brella is  better child care.

Brella is
better child care.

Brella is
better child care.

We offer the highest-quality care and education for children 3 months to 6 years oldWith beautiful, conveniently-located spaces, fast enrollment, and booking at your fingertips, we’ve made child care a better experience for the whole family.

How it Works
Brella is  better child care. Brella is  better child care.

Our difference

Personalized pricing

At Brella, you only pay for the hours you need. You don’t pay for holidays, vacations, or days cancelled in our cancellation window.

The more hours you use, the lower the average price. Use this calculator to estimate your monthly cost.

  • Typical half day: 4 hours/day
  • Typical full day: 9 hours/day
Infant (3 months - 23 months)

Number of hours per month:

Preschool (24 months - 6 years)

Number of hours per month:

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Inspiring young learners

Inspiring young learners

Inspiring young learners

Children at Brella enjoy a thoughtfully developed, educational experience, whether they come for a full day or a few hours. Our curriculum includes Art, STEM, Early Reading & Writing, Language, Music, Movement, and more.

Brella’s goal is to provide children with the space and support to develop the foundational skills for lifelong learning in a dynamic world. We do this by nurturing a child’s three c’s: confidence in themselves, compassion for others and curiosity about the world around them.

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We make it easy

We make it easy

Brella is child care at your fingertips. No more papers, checks, and phone calls. Use our mobile app to create your family profile, share important info about your kids and manage your schedule and account. It’s easy, fun and fast.

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What families have to say

What families have to say

Stop in for a tour

Stop in for a tour

We’d love to meet you! Join a small group tour to learn more about the Brella experience. On a tour, you will see our classrooms, meet our team, and learn about our program.

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Child care reimagined.

Stop arranging life around child care — Brella is child care arranged around your life.

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