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We just accept that the early years of raising children are hard. The struggle is presented everywhere, often comically, from movies to daily interactions with families struggling to wrangle young children. As a society, we believe that achieving balance with young kids is impossible. But why?


That’s the question we asked ourselves, when we started Brella. As two working moms with 5 kids between us, we just kept failing. Meetings went too late, schools closed too early, babysitters called out sick and ambitions had to take a back seat. The pieces never seemed to fit. So we started from scratch and built a new support system designed to solve the problems we and other families were experiencing.

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Brella breaks down the obstacles so many parents face when it comes to raising a family. We’ve made child care and family support more accessible, more responsive, and more supportive so families are actually set up for success. No one should feel like child care is an obstacle in their path.

Brella also breaks the trade-off so many families have to make between flexibility and quality. We believe every care experience should be a developmental experience.

We started with child care because it is the foundation of family life. Without care, we can’t begin to help families. But we won’t stop there. Brella will be there to support families through the early years of childhood and provide a new experience for families that sets them up for success.



Darien Williams & Melanie Wolff

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