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Meet your village

As a member of Brella Babies, you will get the following:

Welcome to the club! If you ever dream of surrounding yourself with people going through the same situation as you- look no further. Each Brella Babies group is comprised of parents with children born within 2-3 months of each other. You’ll go through child and parent milestones together. Their questions will be your questions. You’ll feel seen, heard, and never alone.

The Tribe

Every Brella Babies Leader is a parenting expert who provides answers, advice, and resources for the group. Forget Google, our leaders have the information you need when you need it. Each class highlights a stage-based topic and includes an opportunity for Q&A. You’ll leave each class confident with strategies, plans and insights to help navigate all your parenting challenges.

The Guide

You know how you lovingly care for your baby. We’re a little like that only for the parent. We’re here to take care of you. We know how hard it is to even get yourself and your new baby to the class. So once you’re here, your comfort is our priority. From our light filled classrooms to our comfortable seating, get ready to feel relaxed and at ease.

The Support

We didn’t forget about them! Brella Babies is specially designed to provide a developmentally appropriate experience for your baby. Each class includes a 15-minute play-based experience from Brella’s infant curriculum. Enjoy watching your child play and socialize while also learning how you can easily bring these developmental play experiences home.

The Babies

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Choose your cadence

We offer weekly and monthly groups to support both stay at home and working parents. These groups take place on weekday and weekend mornings. You can start weekly and shift to monthly when you go back to work. Our schedules match your needs. Babies are welcome to join the mommy-only and parent weekly groups. Siblings are welcome to book care at Brella. Monthly groups are held in the evenings and are adults only.

Choose your group Type

We offer Mommy-only groups and Parent groups. Mommy-only groups are limited to mothers. One or both parents can choose to attend Parent groups.

Choose your location

Each Brella location offers Brella Babies groups. Check out our events page to see each center's schedule.


$360 / session

Weekly Group Sessions:

Session length: 8 classes

Price/session: $360 ($45/class)

Class length: 90 minutes

$225 / session

Monthly Group Sessions:

Session length: 3 classes

Price/session: $225 ($75/class)

Class length: 90 minutes


$360 / session


$570 / session

Weekly Parent Group Sessions:

Session length: 8 classes

Price/session: $360-560 ($45-$70/class)

Class length: 90 minutes

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