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Exploring the Benefits of Brella’s New Spanish Language Enrichment Program
Exploring the Benefits of Brella’s New Spanish Language Enrichment Program

Exploring the Benefits of Brella’s New Spanish Language Enrichment Program

Exploring the Benefits of Brella’s New Spanish Language Enrichment Program

Starting early with language can be a fun and enriching experience for young children, as well as a proven powerful tool to help improve brain development. Introducing a second language in early childhood can benefit your child’s development in numerous ways.  This is why Brella is thrilled to bring Spanish language into key daily learning experiences and curriculum. Our Spanish language program is a fun, hands-on way for children to learn practical Spanish they can use every day. By integrating language into the Brella curriculum, kids make meaningful connections in both English and Spanish. Plus, it boosts cognition and enhances their learning in many different areas!

Why Learn a New Language?

Kids are like little sponges and this is the best time for them to pick up new languages. Early exposure to different languages can improve problem-solving skills, and set them up for future academic success. Plus, learning a second language can also help children understand and appreciate different cultures, making them more empathetic and open-minded!


Benefits of Learning a Second Language at a Young Age:


Boosts Brain Power:

Learning a new language is like a workout for the brain! It enhances memory, thinking abilities, reasoning, problem solving, and intercultural skills. 

Cultural Awareness:

Exposure to different languages and cultures helps children appreciate diversity and understand the world around them better. They learn to see things from different perspectives and develop empathy for others. 

Better Communication: 

Knowing another language enhances both verbal and nonverbal communication skills. More experience with language can help children feel more confident expressing themselves.

Academic Success:

Research has shown that kids tend to excel in subjects like reading, writing and math as an extended benefit of learning a second language. 

Bringing our Spanish Program to Life

Brella recently launched its Spanish Enrichment Program for our toddler and preschool classrooms. Daily learning experiences like Gathering Circle, Literacy Workshop, Small Group Activities and Music & Movement will incorporate elements of Spanish learning including fun prompts, catchy songs, engaging stories and cultural activities. This is a great opportunity for kids to be immersed in the Spanish language in a fun and supportive environment. 

We look forward to sharing how this addition to our curriculum is brought to life in the classroom for our Brella kiddos.

¡Vamos a aprender juntos! (Let’s learn together!)

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